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For example, the word zebra is quite low frequency.

As xế hộp ownership grew, it was clear that the zebra crossing could not cope with congested urban traffic.

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The younger children had some difficulty with colour-based compounds, such as zebra-shells.

While the hunting grounds differ between these groups, the targeted species are the same; wildebeest is the major species, followed by gazelle, zebra, and topi.

Finally, children produced utterances such as zebra-shells only for objects that did in fact have a notable resemblance.

On naming a giraffe as a zebra : picture naming errors across different categories.

The reported species are wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, topi, and impala.

For example, no zebra appears in the picture of zebra-shells.

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The children had lớn look at the stripes and recall that some animal had stripes lượt thích that, and that it was called a zebra.

The analogy referenced in the introduction was that of a child who hears and maps the word ' zebra ' lớn the striped animal in the zoo.

Interestingly, a zebra was identified as intermediate host for the cattle strain.

Other wildlife found are the wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, sitatunga, crocodile and hippopotamus.

They could represent any one of a number of antelope species, zebra, wild dog or jackal : it is hard lớn judge.

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Obviously, this functionalist explanation is not satisfactor hắn as the final word as lớn why a zebra has its stripes.

Metaphorically, these items can be labelled zebra-shells or carrot-crayon.

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