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The group's style fused punk, glam, electronic, reggae and new wave music.

I believe you will agree with bầm that the waves are faithfully depicted.

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The wind was gusting lớn 40 kn with waves up lớn 12 m high.

Several bombers in the second and third wave mistakenly attacked the burning school, thinking it was their target.

This affects the path (propagation) of the radio wave in complex ways which can either facilitate or hinder local and long distance communications.

Polarization of an electromagnetic wave, is the property that describes the orientation, i.e., the time-varying, direction (vector), and amplitude of the electric field vector.

This means a structure can hide an object that would normally have caused an incoming electromagnetic wave lớn be scattered.

Induction, which functions through electromagnetic wave transfer of energy and information, became an established wireless alternative for implants: two coils convert electricity into magnetic fields and then back again.

An electromagnetic wave front is reflected back along a vector that is parallel lớn but opposite in direction from the wave's source.

From this emerged the idea that light is an electromagnetic wave.

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His path-breaking experiments on radio wave and plant life theories were partially conducted here.

The microwave contains an electron tube called a magnetron, which produces electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength a little shorter ("micro") than vãn that of a normal radio wave.

This happens when a radio wave travels through a thick intergalactic medium that's heavily magnetized.

The radio wave simulation technology also features a moving toàn thân modeling technology.

Little said the company is also looking at employing new technologies, including heated solvent injections and radio wave technology lớn produce heat.

Steam and chemical mists and vapors distort or absorb the sound wave.

This sound wave is not audible lớn human beings.

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When we take the radio signal of a pulsar converted into a sound wave, then we khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a finished instrument that plays indefinitely.

When the blood cells are hit with the laser light, they produce a specific high-frequency sound wave which researchers can take pictures of.

A sound wave is induced in the pipeline and travels along the pipe.