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During this stroke, the piston starts its movement in the maximum volume position.

These pneumatic pistons or gear-levers are activated by a series of valve bodies and controlled by electronic actuators linked lớn the gear shifter.

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Silicone grease in the spring chamber can be used on a piston first stage.

An unbalanced pressure applied lớn the piston generates force that can move an external object.

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Easily combustible materials such as char cloth or amadou work well as tinder in the fire piston.

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After a life he described as a "magical adventure", he tried lớn face death with courage, and adjured those he left lớn recover quickly.

They must resist any size of inducement lớn adjure the truth, being mindful of the verdict of posterity and the overall health of society.

These are laws that safeguard the rights of human beings and adjure individuals lớn respect one another and refrain infringing on each other's rights or acting deceptively, as in adultery.