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It is easy to tướng ascribe this to tướng unhygienic foods and feeding utensils, for spoons were commonly used to tướng administer substances in the first few days.

Wedding cakes were probably contaminated directly by infected food handlers, or indirectly via contaminated food preparation surfaces or utensils.

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First, food preparation surfaces, utensils, and equipment were not properly sanitized.

We had packed all good crockery etc. away and used all tin cậy utensils.

Ornaments, cooking utensils and consumables were widely purchased, as were coffee, tea and sugar.

A few decades later, tables were abandoned in favor of saucepans and other kitchen utensils weighing about 1 kilograms.

Judging from the great number of residue sherds, one can assume that this ware formed part of the everyday serving and eating utensils.

All had radios, bicycles, chairs, beds, cooking utensils and plastic buckets.

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The designs of the vessels made of new materials are based on the brass utensils' forms.

We also examined hygiene practices, sharing of utensils and presence of pets in the home page.

Most utensils had letters inscribed on them showing which organization they had come from or which relief camp they were distributed in.

His preparations were extensive with regard to tướng the equipment and included clothing, cooking utensils, skis, and tents.

The use of barriers or utensils should be enforced.

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They made baskets, mats, agricultural implements, household utensils and sánh on from raw materials collected from the forests, and sold them to tướng the other communities.

Above all, attacks using everyday objects lượt thích food utensils could be an image of the fruitless rebellion of the disempowered.

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