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In most countries, newer second-line antimicrobial agents are expensive and, therefore, unavailable lớn the majority of the population, causing many infections lớn become effectively untreatable.

One shortcoming - the bibliography does not contain all the references in the notes and therefore full citations are sometimes unavailable.

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In case of failure of the actuator, and, in particular, a blocked position, the two missions become unavailable, and a maintenance operation is required.

As noted above, it follows from inclusiveness that indices and bar-levels are unavailable.

Therefore, these variables are unavailable as resources for gender construction for younger generations of speakers.

Pre-deployment serum specimens were unavailable for 67 individuals and post-deployment serum specimens were not found for 64 individuals.

Preoperative angiograms were unavailable for 5 patients, and postoperative films were unavailable for an additional 2 patients.

However, the variable is clearly unavailable for gender constructions in the youngest group, ages 3-18, where gender segregation and separation is most pronounced.

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When county-level personnel were unavailable, the project coordinator recruited regional personnel.

However, many respondents vì thế not work for publicly traded companies, making this information unavailable.

Theoretically, an insecure- dismissing attachment organization develops when a child experiences predominantly unavailable or insensitive reactions from a primary caregiver.

Up lớn two revisits were made if household members were previously unavailable.

Seeds and sprouts from the implicated lot were unavailable for testing.

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Unavailable data: text that presents information which is not present in or derivable from the input data.

However, in many application domains, human-designed taxonomies are unavailable.

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