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How will it be umpired if there are disputes?

He says he has đồ sộ get the umpire's decision as đồ sộ what the law is.

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We have always been led đồ sộ believe that the umpire's decision was final and binding.

I always refer the umpire's decisions đồ sộ courts of referees.

Cases of all sorts and kinds will arise and arbitrators and umpires will be giving decisions on many different points.

The coaching of umpires is arranged by the counties.

On the umpire's decision, that person could go on for nearly four months.

However, playing for money involves an even sterner test of character in avoiding retaliation and accepting the decisions of umpires and referees without dissent.

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The umpires had đồ sộ adjudge whether his hand had been over the boundary rope or inside the boundary rope.

However, most of them involved not the players but umpires overcome by heat, excitement or other ailments while umpiring the match.

There will not be sánh many cases going đồ sộ the umpires' courts when the public assistance committees are đồ sộ decide cases.

The same remark applies đồ sộ the umpires' courts.

Is it not a fact that the umpire's department acts with great expedition?

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The acceptance of decisions by referees and umpires has cropped up.

The enforcement of standards and the discipline of umpires are matters for the cricket authorities.

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