trustworthy là gì

Moreover, the transmitters have to lớn present themselves as trustworthy agents so sánh that their messages will be taken seriously.

Thus, robust regression must be used in order to lớn compute trustworthy solutions.

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Prices are sometimes obtained through other means, but none is as trustworthy as markets.

We showed how the system can be devised so sánh as to lớn force the agents to lớn be trustworthy.

Reports are values between 0 and 1, where 0 represents completely bad behaviour and 1 represents absolute trustworthy behaviour.

He only quoted his own dreams, or those of his friends and trustworthy close relations.

People in the target population are not always trustworthy judges in their own cases.

Physicians have to lớn be trustworthy, and they also have to lớn promote trust through their words, deeds, interaction, and comportment.

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Similarly, a person's trustworthiness is more valuable to lớn her, the more trustworthy people there are for her to lớn cooperate with.

Trustworthy allies with the £16,000 asking price, however, proved difficult to lớn find.

Some patients were not given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder at baseline, in part because they were too psychotic to lớn provide trustworthy information.

The trustworthy citizen does not khuông an independent judgment concerning the wrongfulness of the action or the appropriateness of the sanction determined by the state.

The field will not progress until researcher deficiencies no longer interfere with the ability to lớn provide solid and trustworthy data.

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Fanatics have long sought to lớn chase down the more obscure parts of the list, and it is not entirely trustworthy for this purpose.

Those who continue to lớn remain faithful in repayment are considered trustworthy and are appointed herders.

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