truncation là gì

I provide examples in (7) ; the truncation pattern has the effect of reducing suffixed polysyllables lớn two syllables.

Minor truncations and discontinuities are visible at edges.

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An empirical route was followed through the use of stochastic simulations and comparisons with traditional truncation selection.

In addition, truncation of the transportan sequence resulted in a more rapid uptake.

Like the large-angle scattering case, no coherent pulses are present in both the f1 or f2 truncations.

The idea of constructing this perturbed truncation model integrates the model approximation approach based on the singular perturbation method27 and the standard modal truncation method.

For comparison, truncation lớn the terms exhibited in (7.2) gives c = 0.742 + 0.156i and c = 0-806+ 0.139i respectively, which already come close.

The truncation of the normal distribution leads lớn non-constant marginal means and variances for distributions estimated near the bounds.

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No stationary or zero characteristic exists for the fn (n odd) truncation, revealing that the even and odd closures are fundamentally different.

In addition, based on the perturbed truncation model, the reformulation of the inverse dynamics control design is investigated.

Nonlinear rules such as truncation, sinusoidal, exponential or logarithmic transformation of the effect-control curve were applied.

After truncation a t finite terms the equations are approximated by finite differences in i j with smaller grids for smaller ij.

Repeated cycles of directional and truncation selection are practised.

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A whole range of evidence from minimality effects, truncation, reduplication, and morpheme structure conditions is presented lớn show the distinct characteristics of syllables.

When the initial state of the system is far from its equilibrium sườn, it has been found that such a truncation is inadequate.

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