troubleshoot là gì

The task is to tướng find the cheapest strategy for sequencing the troubleshooting steps.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting systems can acquire information regarding the system to tướng be diagnosed directly from the device (on-line) or through human or electronic intermediaries (off-line).

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Clear expositions at the beginning of the lesson helped to tướng avoid the need for troubleshooting at a later stage.

Diagnosing and troubleshooting a problem typically involves three stages.

Depending on the application area, case-based diagnosis and troubleshooting systems will utilize a combination of reasoning methods.

The approach is implemented in a mechanical (car troubleshooting) and a medical (hanseniasis diagnosis) domain name.

Step 9 involved troubleshooting of treatment problems that might arise.

This technology naturally involves the integration of communication systems, position and navigation, process engineering, mapping, monitoring and troubleshooting utilities, and control and guidance systems.

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The systems described above, along with many other operational case-based diagnosis systems, demonstrate the applicability of case-based reasoning to tướng problem diagnosis and troubleshooting.

In the chapter on troubleshooting, the different components of a laser cutting system and their corresponding parameters are systematically treated through use of a checklist.

The troubleshooter guides the user through a good troubleshooting sequence to tướng resolve the error condition that he is currently experiencing.

In decision-theoretic troubleshooting, costs and likelihoods are balanced in order to tướng find the next action.

Detailed laboratory protocols are provided with notes and a commentary on the pros and cons of a particular test, suitable control samples, tips and troubleshooting.

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These are setting up for cutting, troubleshooting, and safety guidelines.

The initial knowledge in a diagnosis and troubleshooting application can be acquired through interviews with experts, or converted from existing documentation.

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