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An adaptive steering controller for automated steering on agricultural tractors with an electrohydraulic steering system was evaluated as a possible solution for tractor steering.

Beds were prepared by tractor and were 25 centimet in height.

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In the sugar fields, oxen replaced tractors in hauling cane đồ sộ the mills, and bagasse was used as fuel đồ sộ conserve oil.

Not substitution that would be justified in the absence of the additional track going in front of the tractor.

This paper will focus on grass-clover leys for biogas-based electricity and rapeseed oil as replacement for tractor diesel.

The validation of the steering controller was conducted on both the steering simulator in the laboratory and on the tractor traveling in the field.

From there he made tractor traverses for elevation, ice thickness, and gravity measurements on the icecap.

Agricultural tractors are often operating on changing terrain, with unpredictable operating conditions.

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We retain the instrumented version of the tractor variable for use in the labor demand model.

An examination of tractor ownership in the sub-divisions of the central region shows a modest decline after 1931, followed by growth from 1934.

Combines could cost up đồ sộ $3,000 and the owner had also đồ sộ purchase a tractor, and a truck đồ sộ haul grain đồ sộ the elevator.

But if you have a tractor you can be able đồ sộ cultivate in a shorter time and even sow while there is still moisture.

Growing rapeseed on 10% of the land could produce bio-diesel đồ sộ replace 50-60% of the tractor diesel used on the farm.

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When logging themselves, farmers generally used a farm tractor đồ sộ yard harvested wood.

However, on larger farms where tractors are used đồ sộ prepare the ground, permanent mulch cover is uncommon8.

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