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She mistakes a sleeping tortoise for a rock and puts food and plates on the back of the tortoise.

When the tortoise was automatically released from the charger, it would once again be repelled by the lamp, and would leave the hutch.

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However, the real significance of the tortoises goes well beyond their biological inspiration.

An additional factor is that two tortoises from the 1951 batch have survived, and both have recently been put on public display.

Why does food niche overlap of tortoises and vipers increase with progressive degeneration of forest habitat?

Uncompleted tortoise-shaped stele bases can still be found there.

The cát family looks for the food and finds out that the ' rock ' is in fact a tortoise.

Only 1 type of ectoparasite, a placobdellid leech, was found on any tortoise species examined during this study.

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I keep hearing people say "tortoise" to tướng rhyme with "boys".

In order to tướng understand how the tortoises worked, it is probably best to tướng start with the mechanical design.

Consider the desert tortoise that automatically moves toward anything green.

A major subsistence focus was the collection of tortoise.

The tortoise\turtle doesn't want to tướng hurt them.

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The hare, the tortoise and the crocodile: the ecology of angiosperm dominance, conifer persistence and fern filtering.

The adults take 23-36 days to tướng feed on mammals such as sheep, but up to tướng 62 days on reptiles such as tortoises.

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