thử tiếng anh là gì

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Tôi hoàn toàn có thể thử đồ vật được không?

expand_more May I try this on, please?

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Vị trí này là một trong thử thách tuy nhiên tôi vô cùng khao khát đem thời cơ được phụ trách.

I see new tasks / this position as a welcome challenge, which I look forward lớn.

Tôi hoàn toàn có thể thử đồ vật được không?

May I try this on, please?

Phòng thử đồ vật ở đâu?

Where are the changing rooms?

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We're finishing the final phases in the integration between the test bench, the controller interface and the truck.

Upon testing, it vibrated sánh much that it broke the test bench.

On our test bench this tablet fared better than thở some of the mid lớn high over full time laptops.

However, lớn improve repeatability, they are generally performed on a roller test bench.

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A great test bench should also provide cooling and tư vấn the widest array of hardware possible.

The data include civil and commercial fatalities as well as fatalities from cargo, positioning, ferry, test flight accidents, and civil and military airship accidents.

Depending on the test flight, 10 lớn 22 engineers are on board.

Security workers also made sure only those with proper clearance would witness a test flight.

I believe they would soon vì thế the test flight and the air craft would be ready for deployment.

This test flight is symbolic of a major step towards a new era of accessible space travel for us all.

A test tube is filled with distilled water and acetic acid is added.

Among the debris he found a fragment of a test tube with traces of a white crystalline deposit.

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She was the first vitro fertilised baby, which the press often report wrongly as a test tube baby.

These songs describe the test tube birth of a child up lớn his death.

Even wider angles are possible (exceeding 180) with a domed port on the light, or a test tube light without reflector.