thought là gì

They all thought their actions were harmless, but they were wrong.

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It was thought all aircraft had been captured, among which were helicopters and jets.

The band state that the use of ellipsis both continues and separates a thought.

In particular, she thought that her oxtail and kidney pudding was fabulous.

The injury, first thought vĩ đại be a lower abdominal strain, was later revealed vĩ đại be a season-ending groin strain.

The son for whom he worked ví hard and thought ví deeply failed especially where his father had most desired he should succeed.

The original building is thought vĩ đại have consisted of 360 richly decorated rooms, a courtyard (135110 m) and a central pool (9020 m).

Now, thinking she has been deliberately barred from her son's trang chủ, she miserably begins the long, hot walk trang chủ.

Pattern recognition can be thought of in two different ways: the first being template matching and the second being feature detection.

The audience, thinking it was an intentional gag, was very amused.

However, her sweetness, thoughtfulness, and diligence made it easier for the people around her vĩ đại lượt thích her and eventually accept her for who she is.

If anything, women just tend vĩ đại have a thoughtfulness vĩ đại their cooking (although, men are thoughtful too).

Buddhists have responded vĩ đại these issues by urging thoughtfulness and consideration when liberating animals.

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Each thành viên of the class was selected on their reputation for intellect, thoughtfulness, and bipartisan approach vĩ đại governing.

Certain human qualities such as honesty, openness, trust, willingness vĩ đại serve others, courtesy and thoughtfulness help vĩ đại foster the family spirit.

Lasting only one night from dusk vĩ đại dawn the beach is transformed into a playground for thoughtful and participatory, temporary art.

The series was a comic, thoughtful and acerbic analysis of recent news coverage.

The primary goal is vĩ đại identify and reduce potential hazards vĩ đại heritage with thoughtful control of their surroundings.

He was known as a thoughtful magistrate, devoted vĩ đại the duties of his office.

Their comprehensive and thoughtful book offers a great single source for understanding the amazing variety of social entrepreneurs throughout the world.

We'll be honest, we can't really remember how we got vĩ đại this, but there was a slight train of thought somewhere.

Taking the train of thought further, we plan vĩ đại expand our production base and launch many more first-time filmmakers in the immediate future.

I was not alone in that train of thought, as my colleagues' comments confirmed.

There were, however, serious flaws in this train of thought.

Do they have a logical train of thought?

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