thirsty nghĩa là gì

Consider an animal situated within a natural environment - for example, a thirsty gazelle approaching a pool of water.

I am thirsty and a bottle of soda is in the refrigerator.

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The concept of bodiliness is broad enough to lớn serve as a thread that ties together many different phenomena: feeling thirsty, hungry or tired, for example.

Obviously, if a person is starving and thirsty, it does not matter how good the health care is.

Patients are at high risk of accidental poisoning because they will eat or drink anything if they are hungry or thirsty.

Consider, for instance, a thirsty monkey undergoing a training procedure.

She was sánh thirsty that she drank and drank until she was full and had to lớn sit down.

Encouragement at the right moment is as water to lớn a thirsty plant.

Extra water and salts accompany this glucose, and the person consequently feels extremely hungry and thirsty.

What motivates us to lớn work for particular rewards such as food when we are hungry, or water when we are thirsty?

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A hungry rat or a thirsty rat does not necessarily remain in a state of high arousal.

Unfortunately, its price will make it more likely to lớn be found in university or specialist libraries than vãn in the hands of those thirsty for knowledge about this fascinating region.

The meaning of ' dry throat ' interpreted as ' thirsty ' represents a straightforward deduction.

After reclaiming her husband, she issued the still thirsty surviving singers with a further two litres of wine.

The more you drink the thirstier you become.


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