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Despite this symbiosis, the relationship that the military has established with religious nationalists remains ambiguous.

In this context the environment can be seen as an ensemble of organisms interacting in cooperation, symbiosis, and parasitism, of selection, competition and adjustment.

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We have now seen that technological innovation is influenced by symbiosis between the economic interests of firms and the reputational interests of professional elites.

In extreme environments such as the far north, the necessity of seeking a symbiosis between technology and environmentalism is more pronounced.

Although the legume-rhizobia symbiosis is considered sensitive to tát excess of water, individual nodules are able to tát acclimate in a period of days to tát reduced oxygen.

However, women's part of this symbiosis operated at both a highly visible and subtly hidden level.

On the ground, the spirit of this autonomy through man/machine symbiosis was hard to tát preserve, even formally.

The complementarity characteristic of symbiosis is now said to tát have disappeared.

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The case therefore resembles a symbiosis of two equally powerful actors.

Factors involved in symbiosis and host resistance at mucosa-parasite interface.

Our philosophy is based on the symbiosis of human and machine.

There is, in the over, a sort of cross-generational symbiosis here.

Mutualism and antagonism in the mycorrhizal symbiosis, with special reference to tát impacts on plant community structure.

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Governments have left the bill with the pharmaceutical industry, encouraging a symbiosis with academics, who contribute medical and scientific expertise and access to tát patients.

The unhealthy symbiosis between this ' unmanned' hero and ' unsexed' heroine drives the action and creates the horrific atmosphere of the dungeon scene.

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