sweatshop là gì

Creating this avenue for negotiation, however, put sweatshop workers in a vulnerable position.

To ensure that small sweatshops with their appalling conditions were squeezed out of business the union co-operated with owners of larger factories offering better conditions.

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The government claimed that it was concerned that such settlements should not become sweatshops.

In a globalizing world, the sweatshops of developing countries are not only used to tát manufacture commodities such as shoes and clothes but also to tát test new drugs.

Decent employers tự not need to tát be undercut by cowboys and sweatshops seeking competitive advantage.

That is £120 per week from every taxpayer to tát subsidise sweatshops and miserable poverty pay.

We shall staunch the flow of subsidy from the taxpayer to tát the sweatshop owner.

Millions of children under the age of 12 work in sweatshops in ever-expanding cities to tát satisfy the world demand for cheap consumer goods.

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Perhaps he will tell us whether that is "sweatshop" investment.

If they devoted a disproportionate amount of time to tát so-called sweatshops, which is probably the wrong designation, other important areas would be neglected.

It is a problem that affects, above all, textile industries, as indeed the problem of sweatshops has throughout the centuries and many lands.

If we are to tát compete internationally as a nation we will not tự so sánh by paying sweatshop wages.

Their objective seems to tát be simply a penny-pinching, cost-cutting sweatshop economy.

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It is no longer a matter of working in a sweatshop or starving.

That practice is growing in my constituency in the new appalling low-paying sweatshops that are springing up in the west midlands.

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