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Some surrogates need to lớn review what the patient and/or family has experienced in the past with over of life issues.

Whilst the dependency burden from unmarried children decreased with parental age, surrogate parenthood of grandchildren showed no appreciable decline with age.

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This may not be possible within a trial setting, and the assessment of surrogate endpoints should then be considered.

In addition, they usually use results based on surrogate or intermediate endpoints to lớn obtain the final endpoints.

There might be reason to lớn probe a little further with a surrogate decisionmaker who is refusing pain medications on behalf of a patient.

For those patients who did want to lớn be resuscitated, 16% of surrogates believed they did not.

Given that disorganized attachment is associated with negative long-term outcomes, foster placement with nonnurturing surrogate caregivers appears to lớn be problematic.

Participants spoke of the time they spent with neighbours' children, some even described this relationship as being lượt thích a surrogate grandparent.

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None of the surrogate-reared rhesus infants exhibited the normal diurnal decrease in cortisol over the daytime hours.

They found that their model predicted patients' treatment preferences with essentially the same accuracy as surrogates.

The most common reason for ethics consultation for our ethics committee is when patients, or their surrogates, demand treatments that will provide no measurable benefit.

A variety of reasons might be given to lớn prefer one or another of the surrogates listed above.

Thus, soil moisture monitored from burned forests may be used as surrogates for unburned adjacent forests.

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Perhaps the instrument lacked sufficient sensitivity to lớn measure improvements in surrogate accuracy.

Because surrogates often help dying patients access care, incomplete knowledge of hospice may be an important barrier to lớn hospice services.

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