superordinate là gì

It is normally done as part of some larger project, some superordinate task.

Superordinate constructs were extracted đồ sộ identify the commonality distribution and đồ sộ avoid intensive processing.

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If the superordinate task is simply đồ sộ test an automatic disambiguation system, this inequality need not be troublesome.

It transpires, then, that there exists a general principle whereby elements at the lower level differ in their affinity đồ sộ their superordinate unit.

In today's language-speak taxonomy, the term "variety" is the superordinate and "dialect" the subordinate.

The latter imposes a substantive condition on the well-formedness of a syllable, which is superordinate đồ sộ segments in prosodic structure.

Team structures exhibit behaviors that serve functions in accordance with superordinate goals.

The presence of the copula was required only when a superordinate was not followed by a relative clause.

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Both definitions have a full relative clause, and use the nominal complement marker (some)thing as a dummy superordinate.

Among the semantic type errors coordinate, superordinate and associative errors were included.

Because of this assumption, the present experiments tested only a limited range of items within superordinate boundaries.

This is true for all time-varying features, both on the micro-level and on the more superordinate level of the entire object.

They are aware of a variety of superordinate style concepts that cover different subsets of the space of possible garments.

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A verb is a word but a phrase is a superordinate, syntactic unit.

Thus colours may have no single superordinate, a fact that is perhaps unsurprising given that colours can be produced via the mixing of other colours.

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