suffering là gì

Throughout this time he was suffering again with poor eyesight.

It claimed that republican prisoners there were suffering degrading treatment.

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He had been suffering from pneumonia after undergoing a hernia operation.

However, it was realised that this person was suffering from delusions.

It was discovered he was suffering from a low-grade infection and had bled during the race for the first time.

Desperate union officials turned to tướng violence to tướng counter the violence they had suffered.

She promptly underwent her first depth charge attack but suffered no damage.

They suffered problems due to tướng mix-ups with customers' clothing, including two lost items for which they were fined 50 in the boardroom.

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A year later he suffered the first in a series of major depressions which would recur throughout his life.

It is known though that the abbey suffered devastation from wars in the 14th century.

I think the film did suffer from that division.

If you eat some, you won't suffer from a swollen abscess, and it can be used to tướng treat piles.

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Since the radar can not tell what is beyond any immediate terrain, the flight path may suffer from ballooning over the top of high ground.

He has noted that doctors once told his own parents he would suffer from intellectual disabilities as an adult, and that this did not occur.

Therefore, the miners remain unaffected while the animals suffer from developmental and reproductive toxicity.