subsistence là gì

Under the subsistence framework this would lead to tướng reduced pressure on forests, whereas the effect would be the opposite in the market approach.

Pension levels are defined in relation to tướng subsistence needs, and are usually pitched considerably below net earnings during the period of paid employment.

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To this kết thúc, they might work just enough to tướng get a subsistence income and spend the rest of their time trying to tướng write poetry.

When such criteria bởi exist, they are broad enough (genealogy, way of life, subsistence activities) to tướng accommodate many different situations.

Such interaction would have diversified the subsistence economy considerably.

The model economy without subsistence absorption exhibits no movements in markups.

In the first place, the discussion of the burials floats almost completely không lấy phí of any consideration of population, subsistence and exchange patterns.

The women eke out vital family living incomes through subsistence farming, fishing, petty trading and activities in the informal sector.

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In a society which prized independence, they had few options but to tướng rely upon others for their subsistence.

The presumption is, of course, that the fly, deprived of its means of subsistence, died of starvation.

In other words, utility increases only as consumption rises above a floor or subsistence.

To describe such a preference for subsistence consumption one needs a non-zero consumption floor in the utility function.

A rising frequency of subsistence crises, due to tướng the colonial penetration, was overlooked.

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Zones of export cash-cropping are intermixed with subsistence food crops.

The data also show that on subsistence crops most farmers used lower rates of organic fertilizer and almost no mineral fertilizer.

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