subordination là gì

Ordinary women's inferior rights to lớn land were a key aspect in women's subordination as a whole.

What sympathetic readers should vì thế about linguistic subordination, if they come to lớn share her libertarianism, isn't easy to lớn determine.

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It, however, opposed the dissolution of the islands' dual subordination as unnecessary action for the following reasons.

Their subordination in the existing state, even if they are only a small minority of it, cannot be consistent with respect for popular sovereignty.

He works out a system of constraints on the tên miền of quantification which accounts for quantificational subordination.

This covert conceptual subordination is the factor that maintains racism.

For example, if this theorem is applied with the complete subordination relation, the restrictions are the identity and the theorem yields no information.

Two other individuals were placed complete near the center of the chamber, also with their arms tied, expressing subordination.

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The state, they argue, consists of three interrelated parts : an idea, the crystallisation of social relations of domination and subordination, and their expression in institutions.

The first category leads to lớn a music analytical approach where dominance/subordination relations of the time structures of the two compositions in question are studied.

The context is the continued subordination of women to lớn male domination and their inadequate and unequal access to lớn political, social and economic power.

For the complex syntactic structure (subordination), implicit instruction ultimately led to lớn equal amounts of explicit knowledge.

She supports cultural conventions that require the subordination of a woman's intellect to lớn male forms of authority.

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Reviews 173 is a substantial amount of variation, with some trade-off between prosodic independence and tonal subordination.

The state of emergency justified such a subordination of private interests to lớn the priorities of public order.

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