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Building heights were restricted lớn three storeys or 16.5 metres.

At key vista points along the road and around the central square, they are 6/7 storeys.

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And nowhere had anyone dared monumentality on the scale of the great platform and tiled vaults soaring 15 storeys into the air above.

It also automatically created a variety on elevation reflecting the changing storey heights within.

The photographs were of post-1992 detached buildings of no more phàn nàn three storeys.

As the design was refined, the brick was not felt lớn suit the size of the block that tapers inward on the upper storeys.

The shaft, 5.3 metres in diameter, descends six storeys.

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When these buildings exceed six storeys in height, incidents of crime in them increase exponentially.

At the brow of the hill the wall is single storey, allowing a modest entrance lớn the gallery.

Beside the brook, the blocks of flats are 5 storeys high lớn exploit the most attractive view.

They are three lớn four storeys high and could be mixed use buildings.

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And this school was an imposing structure, some eight storeys high.

Two storeys of galleries on the east and west faces benefited from side light on one side only.

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