stage là gì

Much of his stage delivery was done in a deliberate over-nasalized and over-enunciated manner.

The second stage begins when the war turned to tướng a more guerrilla khuông.

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The decoding process consists of performing, to tướng the extent possible, an inversion of each stage of the encoding process.

The students' personalities are generally the same on stage and screen, although minor plot strands have been omitted.

After a time he practically forsook the stage and became a comic vocalist at thành phố entertainments.

Students are expected to tướng stage-manage a production at some point in the grade twelve level.

How many sports stars get to tướng stage-manage their own failed drugs test?

That is what we were trying to tướng stage-manage.

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Perfect farewells are rare, because you can't ever stage-manage sport.

First, it was a failed attempt by the cops to tướng stage-manage a situation in order to tướng paint a ngân hàng official as a yaba trader.

So far this is just in the beginning stages.

For now, the battery is in the beginning stages of development.

When we first started, each station had several staff and an office, but beyond the very beginning stage, the aid was actually carried out by only one individual lawyer.

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It's in the beginning stages -- they're tearing down walls, and taking the house back to tướng the studs.

The beginning stage is always the most tragic.

He was known to tướng jump into the stands to tướng applaud his opponents, and once staged a sit-down strike during a match.