skepticism là gì

Once again, my idea was met with skepticism.

After all, skepticism is a healthy element of science.

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The reasons for this skepticism are as follows.

But the new diet is being met with skepticism by some experts.

First, we need to tát approach every data mix with skepticism.

That affinity provides a great opportunity to tát bridge a cultural gap and address race-specific skepticism about medicine.

She is not alone in her skepticism for the future health of this baby.

The proposal has generated accolades from those who tư vấn greater college access and skepticism from those who predict much of the money will be wasted.

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Though the group is seen as the most credible bipartisan effort going, it still faces skepticism.

We stand on the verge of an innovation explosion, and at such a vital moment in our technological history, we don't need more skepticism.

My skepticism is thick; my eyebrow is raised.

But when gadget geeks learned of his latest project -- the tablet computer -- there was a share of skepticism.

But you can choose with your skepticism fully intact.

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I'd dutifully chased down every lead, increasingly joining the experts in their skepticism.

But, that move failed to tát impress amid skepticism that the retreat was a strategic imperative and less a diplomatic concession.

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