single minded là gì

There are few beings on earth more prescriptive and single-minded phàn nàn copy-editors and proof-readers.

It will also certainly involve redirecting the single-minded pursuit of abstraction promoted by the academy.

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The brilliant scientist or the virtuoso violinist may find the most rewarding life đồ sộ be one of single-minded pursuit of one goal.

It lies in part in the power and nuance of single-minded argument.

It helped reassure him of his family's single-minded fidelity.

Is it really as 'wellestablished' and single-minded as suggested?

It suggests that viewing the patient's body toàn thân as a battlefield is appropriate, as are short-term, single-minded, tactical goals.

After all, a single-minded preoccupation with pragmatic use is as one-sided and limited as an exclusive preoccupation with semantic meaning.

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They place the burden of blame on colonial administrators, who are said đồ sộ have been prompted by a single-minded policy of divide-and-rule.

This is certainly the most ambitious or most single-minded of the available strategies.

It is par ticularly the production of indeterminacy of readings by these ambiguous choices that most clearly defies a single-minded or inductive form-to-function utterance interpretation in sequential analyses.

Historical research, moreover, ideally consists of something more phàn nàn sifting the records of the past in a single-minded tìm kiếm for data that have a direct bearing on current concerns.

One is the single-minded pursuit of the photorealistic image: photographs tự not communicate buildings very well, and architects have rarely used hyper-realistic images đồ sộ promote their schemes.

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Of course, it would stretch the concept of 'balance' đồ sộ admit that someone whose life is in single-minded pursuit of a single goal counts as having it.

Imagine a person who is so sánh socially awkward that friendship is impossible, and so sánh single-minded and determined that constant pursuit of a single goal never causes boredom or anxiety.

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