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English volume_up Take yourself out of your shoes, put yourself into the shoes of another person."

English volume_up And I took a picture of his shoes, and we thanked each other and just went on our way.

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English volume_up Now, put yourself in the shoes, go back to tướng the shoes of an Arab Muslim living in Iraq.

English volume_up Does it consider that there has been dumping of shoes from Trung Quốc, Indonesia and Thailand?

English volume_up You get to tướng tell the story on Blake's behalf, on behalf of the people who got the shoes.

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English volume_up But those shoes came with round nylon laces, and I couldn't keep them tied.

English volume_up Our proposed anti-dumping measures on leather shoes tackle, in contrast, unfair competition.

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English volume_up 1998 - Present / Jackson Shoes Inc. / Spokane, WA
Responsibilities included:

English volume_up I'll step neatly out of my shoes, stand on the handrail, and be at peace.

English volume_up Why on earth are such high tariffs being put on shoes from China?