set back là gì

Yet despite the initial optimism surrounding it, the commission almost immediately suffered setbacks.

He suffers early professional setbacks but emerges triumphant by the kết thúc of the novel because he has never compromised his own individuality.

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But at the same time the suffrage chiến dịch suffered setbacks.

Democratising the public sphere turned out lớn be a gradual process from within, encompassing a multitude of conflicts and setbacks.

Therefore, the manipulation of setbacks and building lớn building distances can directly influence social interactions.

Facing it were four divisions, three of which were downcast due lớn the previous successive setbacks.

Despite this setback, the reformers continued lớn push their case through an increasingly competitive and radical local press.

The disruption of war was just one setback.

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Rather phàn nàn a mere legislative setback, it marked a successful challenge of the segregationist platform and the establishment of the legal norm of racial equality.

Clientelism came under pressure, but the process suffered several setbacks due lớn the weakness of civic virtues and the predominance of particularism.

There is very little attention for inconsistencies, contradictions or setbacks as result of power struggles within governments\conservation bureaucracies.

That is a tribute both lớn the client's perseverance over many years and setbacks and lớn its trust in, and encouragement of, the whole team.

Subsequent research on mechanical heart devices for persons with heart disease has seen some progress and noticeable setbacks.

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But financial tư vấn for public sector agricultural research has suffered a serious setback since the 1980s in both developed and developing countries.

Our exploration of these new techniques has not been without its setbacks.

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