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In the original the characters are handwritten at the top of each page separately from the text.

Some other programming airs separately between the two stations.

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Farmers in southern departments grew corn separately, but elsewhere they mixed it with other crops, mostly legumes.

However, it is not always possible (or desirable) to tát only sequence the coding regions separately.

Some audio guides are không tính phí or included in the entrance fee, others have to tát be purchased separately.

These included separate brochures and the cars were presented in separate showrooms.

Serrated specimens of the type would thus simply be deviant dromaeosaurid teeth; however, unserrated teeth might represent a separate taxon or taxa.

The four separate free-standing wards and the core buildings were connected by means of timber framed covered walkways.

This was probably a hang-over from a time when "dominium" (ownership), "manus" and "potestas" were indistinct and not formally separate.

The frontispiece, crowned with a separate aggrandized roof, is infused with remarkable plasticity and the whole ensemble reads lượt thích a three-dimensional whole.

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They are separated by about 10 km of headland.

The church's side elevations have one lancet-arch window per cất cánh separated by buttresses.

Because of a divorce and his subsequent remarriage, he separated from denominational employment.

The umbones are separated by a shallow depression, and the hinge is long and straight with about 50 small teeth.

The dense, natural vegetation is separated only by gravel trails through the forest.

First, a series of pyrotechnic systems were armed; a switch was then flicked to tát initiate separation.

This sequence emphasizes longing, jealousy, and a fear of separation, while anticipating both the desire and the anguish of the subsequent poems.

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The formation of blastoconidia involves three basic steps: bud emergence, bud growth, and conidium separation.

Then it is tempered to tát a moisture nội dung, toughening the seed coat for efficient separation of bran and endosperm.

An example would be the hypothetical separation of the income effect and the substitution effect of a price change, which actually go together.