semicolon là gì

For example, we tend to lớn show the hierarchical structure of programs by indentation rather than thở brackets and semicolons.

The effect of layout on its meaning can be completely described by adding braces and semicolons in places determined by the layout.

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Permutable elements are often separated by symbols that bởi not carry meaning - typically commas or semicolons.

This is implemented in the syntax by having different separators in the sequents, usually comma and semicolon.

Besides, is usually written as not, as comma, and as semicolon.

A semicolon (;) starts a comment for the remainder of the current line.

From now on, commas and semicolons, respectively, denote the parallel and serial compositions of orders.

The simple zigzags are put in the beginning, in increasing order of length, without their signature (0, 0), and separated by a semicolon from others.

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Programs are sequences of commands separated by semicolons.

Each definition is composed of an identifier representing the name of the field to lớn be defined, the symbol :=, the actual definition and a semicolon.

Entries in parentheses refer to lớn respective seasons; first entry before semicolon = wet season, second entry after semicolon = dry season.

Every judgement ends with a semicolon (;), which we usually omit in typeset text, where we have access to lớn layout.

In the typing judgement above, the holes and variables are separated in the antecedent with a semicolon but this is just for clarity.

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The other traditional definition, that of the semicolon (;) as an infix function, unnecessarily involves the conservative approximation of application.

Second, a punctuation mark-in particular a comma, a colon, or a semicolon-or a conjunction must lie between two such daughters that appear consecutively.

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