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A comparison of aggressive/rejected and nonaggressive - rejected children's interpretations of self-directed and other-directed rejection.

All three studies involve patient samples that are characterized by high levels of impulsivity chiefly manifested as either self-directed or outwardly directed aggression.

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Second, we concurrently assessed perpetrator- and self-directed attributions using theoretically driven quantification: a clinical interview designed for this purpose.

It is also possible that children with anxiety or depressive symptoms experience some self-directed anger because of feelings of inadequacy.

On the flipside, a self-directed retirement plan allows full control of assets, while the purchase of an annuity is irrevocable.

The corresponding concept for self-directed would be egotropic, as we write in other papers.

My and others' caution about what self-directed responses indicate should not be taken to tát mean that some animals bởi not know who they are.

Thus, the emphasis is on self-directed and conscious rule discovery.

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The emphasis throughout was on ear training, creativity and self-directed learning.

In the third step, external activity, students engage in self-directed and independent learning activities, alone or with peers, with occasional coaching.

The interview assessed the following core dimensions: self-blaming cognition, self-directed excuses, self-blaming affect, other-blaming, and other-directed excuses.

Perhaps no phenomenon illustrates the self-directed, organizationally extending activity of life better phàn nàn that of intrinsic motivation.

Some implications for educators and learners in the music classroom are explored and a proposed self-directed learning tool is discussed.

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I started out as a self-directed consumer and ended as a defeated consumer.

Factor 1 showed high positive loadings with vocalizations, self-directed behavior, and behavioral withdrawal (passive) and, thus, was designated as chronic despair.

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