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His previous concern as to tát competition amongst peers has also been dispelled, and he appears happy with life at the college's self-catering hall of residence.

We prefer self-catering accommodation to tát hotels, and hotels to tát campsites.

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It has just been extended to tát cover self-catering properties and caravan parks.

Some people would lượt thích to tát see the 100-day rule extended to tát 140 days, as in the case of self-catering chalets.

There is a growing demand for self-catering and day trips, and that is well documented.

The order covers hotels, motels, guest-houses, inns and self-catering accommodation.

Representations arising since the revaluation have been received from, amongst others, the caravan industry, the khách sạn industry and representatives of those providing self-catering accommodation.

One is immediately struck by the effect on the tourist industry of the unfair way of taxing those who lập cập self-catering establishments.

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Perhaps more urgent is the taxation of self-catering establishments.

However, an enormous sector, the caravan sector, which is predominantly devoted to tát self-catering accommodation also exists.

The position is further complicated by the fact that many buildings are not used for self-catering accommodation throughout the year.

It is our intention that holiday-let self-catering accommodation which includes services and facilities similar to tát those provided in a khách sạn should remain in rating.

Therefore, only a third of those involved in self-catering are in a building of some sort where they look after themselves.

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The basic needs of self-catering travellers are thus fully taken care of.

I wonder whether we are correct in assuming that a caravan park is included in the term "self-catering establishment" or any other term.

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