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Apparently, the abbey had suffered from the loss of seasonal pastures, a recurring but disastrous phenomenon.

Furthermore, we could not assess seasonal variations in less severe forms of health services used such as emergency department or physician visits.

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As such, fog represents a very important hydrological input for this tropical seasonal rain forest.

Contrasting leaf phenotypes control seasonal variation in water loss in a tropical forest shrub.

However, there were differences in the seasonal distribution between the two years of the study period.

Each of the seasonal factors increased the impact of the insecticide because they lowered the population's growth potential.

An additional source of bias in the estimated effect of exports could be the absence of controls for seasonal effects independent of economic output.

From the sixteenth until the eighteenth century people migrated only on a seasonal basis đồ sộ work in the fishery.

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We show how significant the nontrivial interactions between cyclical variations and seasonal ones were in the 16th- and 17th-century economies.

In most cases, those planets follow orbits with significant eccentricity, leading đồ sộ substantial seasonal temperature excursions.

The obtained data include the survey of the atmospheric ozone and its trends, including seasonal ozone depletion in the polar regions.

We therefore restrict ourselves đồ sộ a linear estimate of the seasonal, which is the fairly traditional method of extracting seasonal components.

Of the 43 respondents, 31 (72.1%) participated in seasonal events.

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The kiwifruit and winter pear administrative committees, for example, publish separate market statistics for organic production, grades, seasonal movement, packages and inventory.

The seasonal fluctuation of egg batches in intercrops followed that in the monocrops, but mostly at significantly lower densities.

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