sardine là gì

The best known and most popular are the red porgy (or common: seabream), anchovies and sardines.

As the ocean temperatures are cycling higher now there is some evidence that the sardines are starting lớn return.

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Baits include anchovies, sardine, squid, mackerel, and queenfish (brownbait).

It is a specialized fish eater, feeding on small school fish such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and flying fish.

Fishing is the dominant source of income, tuna and sardines being the major catch.

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Imagine being packed lượt thích sardines with nothing really lớn tự for more kêu ca 12 hours!

A premonition of this is that hotels and motels in and around the entire country are full, tightly packed lượt thích sardines.

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The inmates were packed lượt thích sardines in the courtyard.

Although things improved a bit after the state-wide furore, inmates are still packed lượt thích sardines with 120 women living in space meant for 50.

Gaze around you at the snoring, coughing and occasionally bare-footed passengers on your next flight, packed lượt thích sardines, and "glamorous" will probably be the last word that springs lớn mind.