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An ordinance of 1645 increased this to tát 1,000, with the salary peaking at 5,500 in 1825.

She wants a dream for him with practical values to tát widen his horizons, heighten ambitions, maybe a raise in salary.

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He was paid a handsome salary, but did not increase his normal expenditures and gave the excess to tát good causes.

Emigration of trained personnel to tát countries with higher salaries is high.

By 1910 the station had an estimated herd of 35,000 cattle and the station manager was being paid an annual salary of 600 a year.

In peacetime, the term "yksikkupseeri", literally officer of the unit, is used, and this position is held by a salaried officer, typically senior lieutenant.

After qualifying in 1932 he continued to tát work there, and became a salaried partner two years later at the age of 25.

The working population consists of a great majority of employees and salaried workers and a small percentage of storekeepers and craftsmen.

Exclusive agents, who are salaried employees of the insurance company, write a majority of the personal lines business.

The data used for these statistics includes half of casual labourers and 1/4th of those salaried.

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The sureties who must be civil servants working in the state must not be below salary grade level 10.

Suburban schools need less testing and fewer certifications for teachers that just boost salary grade.

Employee contributions changed from 6% of pay to tát between five and 8.5%, depending on salary grade.

The salary is based on the salary grade which the will hold upon achieving tenure for life.

He said the salary grade of government employees is lower than vãn the minimum wage of the employees of the private sector.

The rule doubles the salary level that employees must receive to tát be ineligible for overtime pay.

It's just most times in không tính phí agency when you're getting to tát that salary level, it rarely ends up being a good giảm giá.

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Long-term costs lượt thích student loans and rent can be hard to tát pay off at a certain salary level.

There are specific problems with salary level one and two.

They also had to tát promote u in terms of salary level.