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The field comprised a mosaic of conventionally-tilled and rye-mulched plots, surrounded by fields of maize, soybeans, alfalfa hoặc and mixed hardwood forest.

They were non-significant for the rye grass extracts.

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We found a similar sequence of events in our just non-viable rye embryos.

Six increasing concentrations of rye grass were used as negative control for the extraction procedure.

Therefore, these results are consistent with the hypothesis that microbiological differences among inoculum soils affected post-vernalization rye growth.

Particularly noticeable is the very considerable fall in the prices for wheat, rye and barley between 1891 and 1894.

In addition to tướng assessing the net effect of soil microbiota from various management systems on early growth of rye, we examined two other related issues.

Of the crops tested, oat and rye grass yielded much more, on average, phàn nàn the other crops.

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However, inferior cold tolerance of Black oat compared to tướng rye may limit its zone of utilization.

For example, i1 could be rye bread, and i2 could be bread, in the example of market basket analysis.

Second, we conducted our experiments with three rye cultivars.

There were no significant interactions between soil type and rye cultivar.

Changes in crop balance, principally the reduction of fallows and rye, and the later development of potato cultivation, explain much of this.

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Grain cereals (wheat, oat, rye, triticale, barley, spelt) were produced for feeding and sometimes also sold as cash crops for human consumption.

The main source of gluten is wheat, but the prolamins in rye and barley are also toxic and must be avoided.

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