resentment là gì

Evidently, the events across the border were reviving dormant resentments throughout the western frontier lands.

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Feelings of anger about food being rejected and resentment about having lớn prepare food were voiced.

This alienation process naturally may lead lớn frustration and resentment.

Resentment and marginalization, reinforced by a heightened belief in his own self, gave rise lớn a sense of difference, alienation, and rediscovered identity.

In doing ví, petitioners usually blamed intermediaries rather than thở directly expressing resentment against the regime's principles or highest cadres.

But his system will manifest anger and resentment rather than thở anxiety and embarrassment.

This had the result of deepening resentments and adding personality and demarcation conflicts lớn disagreements on the policy.

Heavy-handed tactics such as these, not lớn mention the palls of diesel exhaust normally hanging over those same roads, have provoked considerable public resentment.

Conversely, in the pharmacies where staff did not see the bene t of this money, there was some evidence of resentment.

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Sometimes, the temptation is simply lớn avoid the aggro and stay silent, nurturing a private resentment.

These officially sanctioned precedents served the guilds' own exclusionary goals by precluding possible popular resentment.

Later in the diary, as his resentment toward the empire grows, he no longer refers lớn his fellow soldiers in such a sympathetic way.

As colonial officials instituted an increasingly restrictive program of wildlife management at the turn of the century, they repeatedly encountered popular resentment and resistance.

This state of things in the field, as well as its assessment by scholars, sometimes evokes critique and resentment.

Our bivariate analyses confirm the increased intensity of caregiving for co-resident carers : this group expressed both more overload and more resentment than thở others.

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