reimburse là gì

Disputes among subcontractors would follow if the causes of delays are not clearly established and the cost overruns are not reimbursed properly.

Default risk is related to tướng the inability of a borrower to tướng reimburse a loan or a bond.

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Participants were offered an afternoon or an evening focus group and were reimbursed for outof-pocket expenses.

Dental prostheses, orthodontic treatment, and other dental care are reimbursed according to tướng a predetermined schedule.

These hospital budgets bởi not cover services provided in hospitals by medical specialists, who are reimbursed on a fee-for-ser vice basis.

The physicians-contract-bound to tướng one of the 19 health insurance agencies-are reimbursed on either a fee-for-service or a flat-rate basis, depending on the service.

In the third, some treatments at a hospital may be reimbursed on a lump sum basis.

Normally, the insurance funds pay contracted services on a fee-per-item basis and reimburse patients for privately provided care.

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Hospitals that ignore the regulations are subject to tướng sanctions and will not be reimbursed by insurance agencies.

The pharmaceuticals that are reimbursed by healthcare insurance are classified into three groups depending on the copayment rate.

It is designed mainly to tướng give employees access to tướng private providers whose services are not reimbursed under social security provisions.

In practice, revenue mostly spent on general agri-environmental purposes, but partially reimbursed to tướng individual farmers from 1989 to tướng 1991.

From this total, thành viên states were then reimbursed 10% to tướng cover the costs of collecting the levies and tariff.

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Fees can be coupled with conditions, such as that the technology may only be reimbursed when carried out by a certain specialist.

They also claimed that a decision model was useful for deciding which interventions should be reimbursed and which interventions should not.

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