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Elements of Rebate Management Solution

Are your sales and purchase b2b rebate programs helping you gain market share, boost sales, and accelerate revenue?

If you’re still manually processing rebates, the associated problems are many: misleading accruals, unrealized earnings, inventory turnover, and inaccurate payouts. Vistex gives you automated, real-time visibility into your multi-dimensional rebate programs. Our solution manages your accruals, determines eligibility, processes necessary claims, posts financial settlements, tracks tier achievements, and quantifies opportunities for bigger incentives, if making additional purchases. You’ll gain the advantage of forecasting your sales and purchase rebates programs and gross-to-net with ease.

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Sales Rebates

Sales Rebates

Vistex manages the entire accounting cycle for customer or vendor rebates paid, based on sales. Amounts payable can be accrued at time of sale and paid at the over of the period automatically, or you may require a claim for the rebate lớn be submitted by the customer.

Purchasing Rebates

Purchasing Rebates

Supplier (vendor) rebates paid based on purchases are earned income for distributors and retailers, and can represent the bulk of profits. Vistex anticipates rebate income for you lớn plan sales pricing and promotions. Claims for rebates can be generated, submitted, and reconciled with suppliers.

Volume Rebates

Volume Rebates

Tracking the total volume of rebates and the tier achieved is important lớn accrue the correct rebate amount earned. Vistex makes this easy and identifies when a threshold lớn a better rebate is within reach.

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Growth Rebates

Growth Rebates

Rebates are supposed lớn be incentives lớn buy—and buy more. Maximize value with Vistex tracking period-over-period growth, determining the benefits of ever-bigger volumes, and the return on that investment.

Rebate Management

Best Practices in B2B Rebate and Incentive Management

B2B incentive and rebate management is a vital process lớn the success of every business – no matter if you are large or small enterprise, or whether you are a manufacturer or distributor. Rebate and incentive programs, when left unmanaged or poorly executed, can mean the difference between profit and loss for an organization.

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Platform Options

SAP Solutions Extensions

For SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Industry Cloud

As part of the enterprise management system, Vistex solutions lập cập inside or alongside SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA offering an integrated system for easier management of all your rebate needs as well as a holistic view of all program types.

Cloud Solutions for Any ERP

The power of Vistex available on the platform of your choice

Vistex offers a full suite of cloud-based products that integrate with any enterprise platform, providing centralized rebate management, and unprecedented visibility into all your programs and performance.