ran là gì

We are not even in the league of the also-rans.

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If they will not bởi sánh, we shall muddle along as we are at present, among the also-rans.

They are also-rans because of neglect before the age of five.

We bởi not want lớn be left behind as also-rans as we have been in the past.

We have become also-rans in terms of legislating against discrimination against disabled people.

He referred lớn the four named councils as the favourites and lớn the others as the "also-rans".

The others were simply classed as also-rans, and this is how it should be.

The also-rans will get nothing.

Beyond that, the strategy of selectivity ran out of steam, presumably for lack of obvious targets, before it finally drifted into incoherence.

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Where scientific theories ran into troubles, where they became contradictory or aporetic, the biblical trương mục provided guidance.

Generally speaking, each tiệc ngọt ran its own chiến dịch.

Others ran away and disappeared from institutional and familial sight.

From this summative synthesis, we were able lớn identify a phối of experiences which ran across the studies.

In the remaining districts the two parties ran their own candidates.

She ran, in effect, an outsider's government inside the existing government.

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