propensity là gì

This variable controls for the effect of the degree of consensus in a given period on the propensity of groups to tát vote together.

For example, although we control for case-mix differences in the regressions, differences in the propensity to tát code comorbidities might influence the volume-outcome relationship.

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Only those variables that were significantly different between the groups under comparison were retained for the propensity score model.

Using these assumed normal propensities in place of those observed at the time of the vote, we again sort the members from right to tát left.

Limitations of the study include the restriction of propensity adjustments to tát observable group differences.

It is a propensity of human nature to tát see their daughters well settled.

Deliberately cultivated, his style steered between his audiences' expectations and his own propensities and embodied options.

Although use of ephedrine is supported by history, it has limited efficacy and there are concerns about its propensity to tát cause fetal acidosis.

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Moreover, with increased farm size, there was an increased propensity for women farmers to tát adopt alley farming.

Arguably, the size of these genera may have been determined by a higher propensity to tát balloon causing isolation as a result of random dispersal.

Clearly, the definitional distinction here between habit (as a propensity or disposition) and behaviour (or action) is essential.

This serves to tát neutralize fully the propensity of moral hazard the insured might have.

Any exercise of the animal propensities, for whatever purpose, would have deleterious consequences in all aspects of life.

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This measure may be augmented by site directed mutagenesis, altering the helix nội dung by changes in capping interactions or in propensities for helix formation.

Creative style is a designer's propensity to tát perform particular designing actions in particular ways, and to tát sequence them in particular ways.

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