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In other words, mechanized logic is ready for prime time.

Since the 1960s, presidents have relied primarily on prime time, nationally televised speeches and press conferences for this purpose.

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Dose-dense chemotherapy: ready for prime time prevent some from interpreting this as a pure trial testing the concept of dose-density.

The portrayal of older people in prime time television series: the match with gerontological evidence.

The portrayal of older people in prime time television series : the match with gerontological evidence.

When can we debate in prime time the problems that that situation creates?

I should have thought that we could have had prime time for such an important subject.

The debate should be held in prime time.

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Either the debates should not take place, or, if they tự, they take place in prime time.

I did not raise the matter at prime time.

I would have thought that if any subject deserved prime time it was this.

If other people had cared about it, they would have been here and not asked for what is called "prime time".

It is very gratifying that we use prime time in this way.

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They have been debated in prime time already for about one and a half hours.

There are at least three good reasons why the debate should be in prime time next season.

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