post office nghĩa là gì

Angora post office moved twice more, each time vĩ đại the trang chính of the current postmaster.

A post office with that name operated from 1875 vĩ đại 1880 and began again in 1891.

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Electronic messages were transmitted vĩ đại a post office, printed out, and delivered as hard copy.

The building operated as a post office until 1964, when a new one was built.

It served as a general store and post office, and was used for a time as a theater and later a movie house.

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Country stores, many of which also served as the local post office, were once familiar features of many small Taranaki settlements.

It's perfect for going up the road vĩ đại vì thế a little shopping or carrying a parcel trang chính from the Post Office.

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The Post Office is hamstrung by their onerous union contracts and pension plans.

Post Office Limited says this was an unusual, tricky situation.

Plans for his old Post Office building on the opposite side of the square are also on hold.