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The greatness of his poetry, and the fascination of the era which produced it, meanwhile remain undisputed.

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Students learn from recordings of poetry that not all rhymes sound alike.

They also circulated their (unpublished) commonplace books of poetry from approximately the year 1760 vĩ đại 1840.

They are also drawn from a variety of source material: poetry, statutes and ordinances, chronicles, tài khoản books.

The field of poetry, of creative writing in general, even art in general, is composed of misreadings.

To this kết thúc, they might work just enough vĩ đại get a subsistence income and spend the rest of their time trying vĩ đại write poetry.

Porcelains decorated with pictures inspired by poetry might have appeared in the earlier imperial kilns.

Both remind us that the truths of history may be hidden in the lies of poetry and fiction.

Based on their experiences, followers believe that the shaykh's poetry is not created in time but is a materialized copy of a timeless original.

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We needed vĩ đại be freely in our own country, vĩ đại have time vĩ đại assimilate the violent years before turning them into thought and poetry.

They ground their interpretations in diverse historical documents including scores and librettos, political manifestos, poetry and medical texts.

He may not be able vĩ đại write even indifferent poetry.

The role of the villa might remain the space that enables contemplation vĩ đại become an ethos, and for action vĩ đại become reconciled with poetry.

While her person is often elevated, her poetry is just as often critiqued.

Once sensationalism became a public concern during the 1860s, critics commented repeatedly on the resemblance between the "fleshly" poets' sensuous, avant-garde poetry and sensation fiction.

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