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Their restriction đồ sộ shallow marine environments suggests that photosynthesis was the primary means of organic matter production for these benthic communities.

It is the signature from land surfaces that will yield the most detectable evidence for photosynthesis.

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Either the purple bacteria have acquired the photosynthesis genes recently by lateral ren transfer or selective pressure forced various species đồ sộ retain these organizational patterns.

These hypotheses will be tested as additional genomic, biochemical and geological evidence sheds more light on the evolution of nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis and cyanobacteria.

Evidence presented above decreases the likelihood that alterations in canopy processes such as photosynthesis and transpiration are responsible for these changes at the forest edge.

Leaf structure (specific leaf area) modulates photosynthesis-nitrogen relations: evidence from within and across species and functional groups.

The leaves were not only used for photosynthesis measurement but also for repeated monitoring of herbivory rate.

After these immediate measurements, samples were then placed on ice and tested for active photosynthesis at various time intervals afterward.

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Therefore, maximizing the proportion of leaves within the canopy will increase overall photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis could have continued beneath this bare ice if it was thin and clear.

It is difficult đồ sộ determine whether the results reflect the history of photosynthesis.

This then allows photosynthesis đồ sộ operate effectively over a wide range of incident light-intensities.

Understanding photosynthesis is important for understanding life, the development of the atmosphere on earth and possibly renewable hydrogen generation in the future.

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Net photosynthesis was higher in the grafted plants throughout the whole period.

Photosynthetic induction strongly affects the light compensation point of net photosynthesis and coincidentally the apparent quantum yield.

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