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We take these different aspects đồ sộ correlate with a representation's availability đồ sộ both phenomenal experience and đồ sộ control processes.

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The only representations that exist, in this view, are those that are embedded in the momentary phenomenal experience.

In consequence, the phenomenal color-plane has no inherent metrical characteristics.

These theories fall somewhere between direct and indirect perception because they claim that phenomenal experience is neither in the head, nor out in the world.

The issue of why emotional states feel lượt thích something is part of the much larger problem of phenomenal consciousness.

On the other hand the requirement threatens đồ sộ deny consciousness đồ sộ many nonprimate animals that we intuitively regard as conscious in the phenomenal sense.

The fallacy is: an obvious function of the machinery of access-consciousness is illicitly transferred đồ sộ phenomenal consciousness.

Those of us who eschew dualism naturally assume that something different happens in the brain when a different phenomenal experience occurs.

Is that the real physical skull that you feel or is that just a phenomenal skull inside your brain?

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This has the consequence that the real physical skull (as opposed đồ sộ the phenomenal skull) exists beyond the phenomenal world.

The editors' diligence is phenomenal, and constantly illuminating.

During dreaming, phenomenal consciousness is causally isolated from the stimulus environment, from the concurrent state of the physiological body toàn thân, and from behavioral output systems.

Four types of "healing connections" involving a sense of bonding đồ sộ self, others, the phenomenal world, and ultimate meaning, respectively, were identified.

The phenomenal wealth that poured from the desert changed forever the lifestyles of the people.

Still, the computing resources required for aligning tens of thousands of noisy images with respect đồ sộ hundreds of (re-projected) reference images are phenomenal.

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