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Thus, the spending of the new pesticide tax proceeds, đồ sộ a great extent, would redistribute money from conventional đồ sộ organic farming.

These potential risk scores represent the best estimate of a pesticide's impact on the surrounding environment.

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On the other hand, farmers without off-farm employment might have time đồ sộ manage their systems intensively in order đồ sộ achieve pesticide use reduction.

The cost of purpose-built manufacturing facilities and chemical synthesis are a critical barrier đồ sộ the commercial development of many potential pesticides.

As crop prices rise, farmers increase production and, in turn, may use more pesticides in the process.

As relative input prices rise, the impact on pesticide use can either be negative or positive, depending on the substitutability and complementary of other inputs.

Pesticide-related impacts are local in nature due đồ sộ the complex interactions between pesticide prices and the observability of corresponding health and environmental impacts.

Positive significant shares of soybeans, sugarcane, tobacco, cốt tông, and fruits18 suggest higher pesticide usage on most of the major cash crops for export.

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The chapter is quite ambitious in its attempt đồ sộ review pesticide effects on soil components and discusses their influence on soil function.

Farmers were not only losing their share, but the water quality was also deteriorating every year due đồ sộ the increasing use of pesticides.

The size of this voluntary reduction has generated more research into the almond industry's pesticide use records than vãn any other commodity46-48.

Pleiotropy and the evolution of genetic systems conferring resistance đồ sộ pesticides.

The former allow farmers đồ sộ increase herbicide applications without risking damage đồ sộ their crops, while the latter lập cập the risk of creating pesticide immune pests.

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The problem is extremely complex and its mitigation will require extensive preventative measures such as sewage processing plants and natural pesticide use, among others.

It would therefore be expected that farmers with higher levels of education would be more likely đồ sộ implement pesticide use reduction.

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