pelican là gì

The platoon is crossing on a pelican when the green man starts vĩ đại flash.

The pelican not only retained the hybrid system, it skewed it in favour of the motorist.

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The pelican, however, did not dispense with the problem of how vĩ đại interpret the flashing lights.

Despite this ambiguity, the pelican lasted longer than vãn any of its predecessors because it was simpler and more readily understood.

The parasite attains maturity in piscivorous birds such as cormorants and pelicans.

The television fillers designed vĩ đại educate the public about the pelican focused crucially on rights of way during the flashing green man/flashing amber stage.

In the present study, up vĩ đại about 300 mature worms were recovered in one pelican which was accidentally trapped in the gill nets.

The crossing needs vĩ đại be upgraded vĩ đại pelican status as a mater of great urgency.

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However, a pelican crossing is not vĩ đại be regarded as a full substitute for a school crossing patrol.

We have extended the use of the pelican crossing.

A pelican crossing on this site may not be the best solution.

No, but a scheme for a pelican crossing is under active consideration, and this is thought vĩ đại be the solution vĩ đại the problem.

It would be unfortunate if a certain number of accidents had vĩ đại occur before the need for a pelican crossing could be established.

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The criteria for pelican crossings and for pedestrian phases at signalled junctions are complex and lengthy.

Of 14 applications for pelican crossings, five were approved and three are still under consideration.

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