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A longitudinal study of parenting as a protective factor for children of alcoholics.

Of particular importance is identifying the role that parenting plays in trajectories from exposure đồ sộ child problem behavior.

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The major focus of the 24- and 36-month visits is on parenting and toddler self-regulation (behavior problems, empathy, compliance, and internalization of parental rules).

Examples of play being used as a resource for doing parenting work appear in other studies as well.

The program was based on the developmental model, with interventions directed toward the three domains of parenting, school success, and social cognitions.

It remains conceivable that meaningful differences in the parenting of earned and continuous secures have been inadvertently overlooked.

In this inquiry, earned secures did not trả lời poor parenting behavioral patterns under high levels of daily hassles.

These social patterns may explain why parent and self-reported antisocial activity in eighth grade predicted subsequent teen parenting.

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Specifically, we examine how parenting directed toward an adolescent's sibling influences his/ her own adjustment.

That is, the role of constructive, proactive parenting in decreasing children's disruptive antisocial behavior patterns was strongest for children who initially had many problems.

In the latter study, maternal proactive parenting practices with aggressive, disruptive 2-year-olds predicted fewer problems by kindergarten.

Abnormalities of parenting represent but one route đồ sộ limitations on reflective function.

The relation between maternal reflective function and parenting behavior.

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It increases the value of some grandparents, especially maternal, and in particular where parenting breakdown increases the need for childcare.

Composite scores were also created for maternal parenting behaviors combining maternal consistency of discipline and supportive parenting: the measures were correlated, r 229!

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