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Thorax with four (sometimes six) dark brown oval spots, the four larger ones arranged in a parallelogram.

We designed the lower extremities of the ski robot as two artificial legs in the khuông of a parallelogram.

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The shiny, bright, orange-red seeds, which lỗ below the capsule from a short, threadlike funiculus, are rectangular to tướng parallelogram-shaped and somewhat laterally compressed.

This is done by sending a small number of parallelograms in each of m - 2 collection to tướng other cylinders.

Moreover, the volume of a parallelogram is always bounded by the product of the norms of the corresponding edges.

Each of the three chains contains one parallelogram.

Each leg is composed of two sections: a slider mechanism and a parallelogram mechanism.

The kinematics of leg mechanism is in the khuông of two connected parallelograms.

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Apply to tướng all parallelograms of the corresponding tiling and then subdivide their images according to tướng (19).

Here, the first term is represented as a parallelogram and the second term is represented as a line.

The image of the torque phối is a parallelogram and has also 2 parallel pairs of sides.

The clearances in the pin joints of the parallelogram mechanism caused two challenges.

First, we introduced a random left 0right offset into the parallelogram's spatial location, which negated the static-separation cue.

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Inset shows the parallelograms made by the lines paralleling sides of the distorted centra.

Meanwhile, pluralist self-interest models have evolved into rational choice; the homely geometry metaphors (remember the "parallelogram of forces"?) have grown up into serious calculus.

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