palace là gì

When a foreigner or tourist arrives in a đô thị, his guide shows him the great palaces and the local nightlife.

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In this situation, at least one of the rhymes for palaces must be an off-rhyme.

Bishops renovated their palaces vĩ đại creative imposing halls - proportioned after their cathedrals - where the bishop would be encountered in a radically hierarchical space.

Royal individuals mostly lived in palaces in the epicenter.

Art was no longer subordinated vĩ đại the higher goals of palaces and churches, but determined the purpose of buildings.

The hall was decorated with furnishings requisitioned from private palaces, as well as the banner of liberty topped by an olive branch.

Likewise, they built chapels within their palaces, thereby appropriating a personal sacred space vĩ đại replace that lost vĩ đại the canons in the cathedral.

The episcopal palaces enjoyed so sánh privileged a situation with regard vĩ đại the cathedral, that no one ever contemplated moving them elsewhere.

At the same time, the prelates strove vĩ đại create palaces that might vie with the finest residences.

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The appearance of the episcopal palaces underwent a total transformation, the aim being vĩ đại render them better suited vĩ đại the circumstances of the time.

Apparently, no specialists were attached vĩ đại palaces; rather, economic production was again localized, as in the outlying plaza groups.

The large households and palaces of the elites were well suited vĩ đại this practice.

Evidently, those who could count themselves amongst the king's favourites stood the best chance of receiving an apartment in one of his palaces.

In the case of the latter, women protesters may peacefully visit the houses, palaces and meeting places of communal leaderships.

He missed the square with town hall, elaborate architecture, palaces and forti®cations.

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